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A real time shopping assistant which allows then to save money thanks to a section of the best offers available online.

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What is Lollipop?
Know Lollipop and take advantage of all its features

Lollipop is a software that makes your online shopping experience better. When you are shopping online, Lollipop automatically recognizes which product you are looking for and will show you similar products on different stores with cheaper prices or show you advertising offers matching your center of interest. You will see Lollipop findings in a page below your browser window and know immediately if you've found the best deal, or if you can get better offer in just a few clicks.

Price Comparison
Save while you are shopping

Real time shopping assistant which allows you to compare prices while you are searching online, save money thanks to a selection of the best offers available. This shopping assistant tracks hundreds of feeds to find better prices for what you are looking for. We search the best online shops to bring your real quality offers. The offers are shown under your browser, this way doesn't disturbs your online experience.

Contextual Offers
Offers are displayed in real time

An advertising engine provides you with a real time shopping assistant which allows you to save money thanks to a selection of the best offers available online. This shopping assistant implements a smart targeting and contextualization engine which offers you relevant offers related to your interest, helping you to find the best choice.

Advertisement Format
Less disruptive than traditional advertisement

Our offers are displayed in real time using a full screen site-under format, these offers are always highly targeted to your current center of interest, assuring to not interfere with your current online experience. We believe that this ad-format lets you get the most out of the proposed offer and allow you to remain undisturbed, this allows us to be less disruptive than traditional advertisement formats.

Our commitment at Lollipop Networks, is to only propose you with relevant offers and never expose you to unnecessary advertisement. While usual traditional advertisement formats will keep exposing you to advertisement, Lollipop will never over expose an offer of any kind.

Manage your Lollipop
Make Lollipop fit to your needs

You can configure your Lollipop to get the best offers online, offers related only to your interest. Choose into our channels easily what you prefer to be noticed about, and when. You can stop and resume the Lollipop activity with a simple click.

If you are not using Lollipop services and advantages any longer, you can easily uninstall the application

Lollipop is an easy application to uninstall. Similar to any other application, you would be able to easily uninstall Lollipop via your control panel. Or if you prefer, visit our uninstall tutorial which you might find of helpful assistance.