Our solution

Advertising engine

Our advertising engine is capable of delivering Real-Time Contextual Advertising and Shopping Alerts, both providing superb results for online marketing campaigns.

With contextual targeting and shopping alerts, the Lollipop advertising engine is able to deliver vast amount of daily impressions spread over various geographical locations. These large volumes of targeted traffic are delivered in real-time and always meeting the criteria and target audience expected by the advertiser.

Powerful targeting

We target online advertising campaigns to over one hundred vertical markets, multiple geographical locations, day of week and many more powerful targeting possibilities. By achieving this granular categorization, we drive only highly qualified traffic to online marketing campaigns. We will work closely with you in order to help you achieve superior ROI for each of your online marketing campaigns.
Up to date, thousands of online marketers have trusted us and have received highly targeted traffic to their online marketing campaigns.

Detect users interest
Full screen site-under format

Offers are displayed in real time using a full screen format enabling advertisers to take advantage of this format which will maximize their ad effectiveness, boost brand awareness while remaining relevant and unobtrusive to consumers.

By respecting the end-user and ensuring the quality of our offers tends to boost the end-user response to the advertisement delivered and help maximize the ROI for advertisers.

Distributed via third-party software

Our solution is distributed via third-party software, where the user chooses to install it, which can be installed for free thanks to the installation of Lollipop Network as an ad-supported product.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our solution and take strict measures to ensure users privacy and complete control of their computer is met to the highest standards and transparency.

Lollipop installer
Geographical Coverage

Our current geographical coverage includes Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Turkey, Mexico and Brazil. With specialized websites in each of these locations. Here is a list of our coverage: